My first blog post …..

My first blog post …..

So my first blog post … 

I’ve fancied starting a blog for a while as I love to have ramble on about vintage and how much I love it. I’m not sure exactly where I’m going to go with this as I’m happy to let it develop over time but if there is anything you’d like me to cover I’d love to hear. 

I’ve a few ideas apart from the general chat, maybe some guides, label/garment history and I’d like to interview some other members of the vintage community too. 

Thought I’d start today with a little bit of background on me and my vintage business and I suppose journey but I’m really not a fan of that word ! 

As you may know if you’re not new to Bristol Betty Vintage, my business is named after my nana who was an absolute thrift queen and as you’ve probably guessed named Betty and came from Bristol. Her home was full of great finds and she often found stuff for us too, especially clothes when when my sister and I were kids. I’m ashamed to say though that we didn’t always appreciate them  at that time as there was still a ridiculous stigma attached to wearing second hand clothes and I wasn’t yet strong enough to face that down. Needless, to say I’d love to have her still here now picking out gems for me. 

So I went  through school mostly dressing like everyone else, until a trend came along that I just couldn’t stomach … the shell suit ! There was a time when all my peers were wearing these *monstrosities but I just couldn’t do it! What could they love about them? The creased crumpled highly flammable fabric or the completely unflattering voluminous cut? It was a complete mystery to me !  I have to thank them though as they were a turning point for me … enough was enough I didn’t have to wear the same as everyone else ! 

It would still be a while before I properly embraced vintage but I did start to experiment more with what I wore, buying from more independent places, some handmade pieces ( made by my clever mum to my instructions ) and my first vintage pieces .. velvet jackets and my dad’s old dress shirts and oversized pinstripe jacket. 

There were a few memorable pieces in the years that followed, the huge wool man’s coat that kept me warm through a Russian Winter, a gorgeous green paisley maxi skirt which I bought for a fancy dress party and then wore for real. I still think about that one all the time and my first proper vintage shop purchase two fabulous original 50s dresses. 

After that the vintage items in my wardrobe increased gradually and had a big influx after a trip to Portland, Oregon - vintage heaven ! Now, pretty much everything I wear is vintage with a few more modern Preloved pieces added in too.  Obviously this is much better for the environment but in all honesty it is just better for me too as I feel completely myself in the garments I chose. I don’t dress like I’m in fancy dress ( well not in my opinion anyway ! ) but just wear unique clothing  that I love and that just happens to have a history.  

I’m probably preaching to the converted here, but I truly believe, that vintage can work for anyone if they can just get past some of the preconceived ideas… but that is probably a post for another day !

Thanks for reading 

Becca x 


* my opinion only and obviously no offence meant if you are a fan ! 


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I finally made it to your blog, Becca! What a splendid first post. I do agree about shell suits and I’m often amazed to see them on the rails of vintage shops lately and have young people raving over them! xxx (P.S., it Polyester Princess Ann :-)


Great first article. Everyone arrives at vintage differently, but once you have you don’t look back
Sustainable and unique at the same time


What a smashing first blog my Juice Box! I must say how can you not adore the Shell Suit?! …Maybe you haven’t “met the right one” YET! 😉

HP xox

Miss Havisham's Jewels

Congratulations on your first blog post! And it is superb, you certainly how to write and I did have a laugh… Shell suits really were abhorrent and mercifully I never succumbed to it, I mean honestly who ever thought to be a good idea to wear a traffic lights colour flammable tent!!

I will be looking forward to reading the next post and I do think this website is doing great and is just lovely… Well done!
All best, F.


This is fab lovely! Well done on cutting your teeth. Looking forward to more. X

Lindsay Aspinall

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